John created his Signature portraits to help families create memorable photographs that is classical, eye catching, touching, and priceless.  Your experience with your photo session with him is differ from any photography session you have been to.  John takes time with his process to know everyone and create a connection that will provide ease to each and everyone during your photo session.  Your family, couple, or individual photo shoot should give you a sense of comfort and confidence at the time of your session.  As you look through his work, you will see all of these through his images; the photos are engaging, it connects to you, and it's truly beautiful.  

Yes, they know, it can be a challenge to plan your photo session and it also to plan a photo shoot with someone you have not met before, can be a little ice breaker.  That is why it is important for John to always plan an initial phone call.  This phone call will help John to  get to know you, your family dynamic, and also you will have a sense of who he is and learn more about his expertise in photography.

Planning your family, couple, or individual portrait session is essential in bringing success to  creating great and amazing photographs for you.  They will help you create a plan and give advice into planning your photo session.  Your investment to your photographs are of value and they priceless in years to come. Throughout your generation with your family, as they are pass around these photographs from family to family.  They are truly memorable and exciting to see and go back in time.

John Andrada really put his heart to his work and it shows.  The images he has created are truly print worthy to display in your home either in prints or canvas.  Your investments towards your photographs is deserving to be display around your home for your family and friends to see.  Seeing these photographs printed in larger prints or canvases really create a wow as you see them hung on the walls of your home.

Portrait Session Information

John Andrada offers different sizes of prints for your photos, from a traditional 4x6 print to a large 30x20 prints.  Canvas are a great investment also and they starts from an 18x12 to 42x28.  They have many samples to show you  and to help you decide what print or canvas sizes will work best in displaying your photographs to your home.  Prints and canvas prices are subject to change.

Your Portrait session is typically a 45 to 60 minute.  They retouch up to 6 photos. They release finished retouched products for printing. Portrait session fee is $300 and there's a minimum purchase of prints and/or canvases of $1,200.  Tax and shipping is not included and all product are shipped to John's home studio for packaging and quality inspection.  

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